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• 2/8/2018

Individual Pages?

Should individual pages be made for each animal/item/character? Or is it fine to just keep them in a list in a table as they currently are?
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• 2/8/2018
1 page dedicated to lore of the game would probably be enough in this point to have the characters noted in the wiki. Making pages about invidual items would just make a lot of pages with very little content.
• 2/8/2018
Aw, you might be right. I just love going super into detail, especially with characters. But as you mentioned, if there isn't enough content for a page it's best not to create it.
• 3/14/2018
As the game is evolving, specific information is becoming necessary. For example, even among those items which cut trees, you have a chainsaw that runs on battery power and doesn't have a durability. It can also be used as a weapon. How to acquire the item, what damage it does, and so on are all details that don't fit neatly into a packed table.

Likewise, the other "tree cutting" items are either crafted (requiring ores) or enchanted (requiring ingredients). Where and how to acquire each item is also a question players have.

This can't be fit into a table with a bunch of other stuff. Even among the same class of items, there's no real way to make that work in a table that has them all present.

Right now we're stuck with basics. "There's a thing called dragon armor in the game." It doesn't do me any good to know I can get dragon armor if it's not explained what it is, how to get it, or what it takes to get it.

I recommend individual pages for each item.
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