The achievements can be accessed by: Quests > Achievements (a button under the quests). There are currently 22 achievements in total.

All achievements
Name Description Icon
Shelter Build the hut
Ach 01
Instant meat Defeat a Boar
Ach 02
Infinite space Build the storehouse
Ach 03
Sharecropping Build the farm
Ach 04
Apples Add an orchard to the farm
Ach 05
Metallurgy Build the smelter
Ach 06
Bon Appetit Build the kitchen
Ach 07
Heavy Lifter Get the backpack
Ach 08
Crafting Time Build the workshop
Ach 09
Wyrmslayer Defeat a Wyrm
Ach 10
Rockslayer Defeat a Golem
Ach 11
Experiments Build the laboratory
Ach 12
Shiny Mine a diamond
Ach 13
A Good Trade Build the market
Ach 14
Heavier Lifter Buy a super pack
Ach 15
Get Wyrm Now what do I do with it?
Ach 16
Milking Pigs Add a pen to the Farm
Ach 17
Mmm, Cheese Cook a pizza
Ach 18
Distant Shores Build the dock
Ach 19
Setting Sail Build a boat
Ach 20
Infinite Blood Build the wyrm pen
Ach 21
Hatchling Hatch a dragon from a cocoon
Ach 22