The game (for now) contains 1 miniboss and 2 bosses (The Mirrows are still in development); The Yeti and the Dragon and the Mirrows. They are encountered in The Mountain at the starting island and at the second island in a space ship. (NOTE: The Mirrows boss fight isn't out yet but it is confirmed that it's a boss fight and you can befriend them after the fight, but what's not confirmed yet how, most likely it will have to do something with the hidden stone statues (It's a spoiler so i won't tell where it is.)



Location Drops HP Attack Defense Exp Notes
Yeti Mountain, summit, ice dungeon. 3-Yeti Fur 16 10 (Arctic Wind), 20 (Snowball) 2 64 Respawns. Only known source of yeti fur.

Arctic Wind: Short ranged attack that hits twice and pushes back player 5 pixels.

Snowball: Used when player is directly below Yeti. High range and phases through blocks.

Dragon Mountain, grotto Fire Gem 30 5 3 Doesn't respawn. Passive until attacked. Flies. Returns to original position if player flees.

Fire Breath: Continuous, high ranged attack that follows player, hitting rapidly. Breaks blocks.

Can be spared, not needed to be fought.

The Mirrows

(2 people)


Space ship

??? ?? ??? ??? ??? The Mirrows are NOT in the game yet as boss fight, but as far as we know they lie in the space ship, they are people from the same crash as you but with higher scientific knowledge and acces to higher weaponary from the ship (confirmed by developer). 1 of the Mirrows will have a lighting gauntlet and 1 will have an armoured tentacle (?).

Can be spared after the boss fight (confirmed by developer).