Location Drops HP Attack Defense Exp Notes
Yeti Starting Island.

Mountain, summit, ice dungeon.

3-Icy Fur 16 10 (Arctic Wind), 20 (Snowball) 2 64 Respawns.

Arctic Wind: Short ranged attack that hits twice and pushes back the player 5 pixels.

Snowball: Used when the player is directly below Yeti. High range and phases through blocks.

Dragon Starting Island.

Mountain, grotto

Fire Gem

3-Dragon's blood

30 5 3 Doesn't respawn. Passive until attacked. Flies. Returns to the original position if player flees.

Fire Breath: Continuous, high ranged attack that follows the player, hitting rapidly. Breaks blocks.

Can be spared, not needed to be fought.

The Mirrows

(2 people)

Science Island.

Desert, Spaceship

  • N/A
?? 16 (Gauntlet), 11 (Tentacle) ??? ??? The Mirrows are people from the same crash as you but with higher scientific knowledge and access to higher weaponry from the ship. 1 of the Mirrows has a lighting gauntlet that can shoot balls of lightning, and 1 has an armoured tentacle who mostly charges you.

Can be spared after the boss fight.

Wyrm-Queen Magic Island, underground, dirt.

Near the sea on the right side

  • Spirit Gem 2
  • Dragonblood 2
12 None 9 ??? Will respawn when you leave the wyrms den or you stay long in the den. Spits out wyrms. Does not get aggro from a blocked attack.

Weakness: When it opens its mouth to make wyrms.

The Old One Magic Island, below the second purple tree. 30 Can shoot magic ball and fire magic power. 12 ??? Hard to beat. defeating it leads to an unfiished

magic ending

Golemech in the golem factory between the 2 large golems earth gem ? spawns golems, melee attack ?? ? when defeated allows access to golem factory and can be reactivated using an earth gem