The Workshop Edit

In the Workshop is where you craft equipment and other misc items using Wood, Iron Ore, Iron Bars, Steel Bars and Coal. The workshop is built after completing the "Craft Workshop" quest received from the Miner. All items on this list besides The Steel Sword, Pick and Armor. Info about these items and their uses can be found in the Item List.

Name Required Items
Fence 2 Wood
Sign 2 Wood
Torch 1 Wood, 1 Coal
Workbench 5 Wood
Chest 5 Wood
Trap 1 Wood, 1 Iron Ore
Arrow 1 Wood
Bow 4 Wood, 1 Iron Bar
Iron Pick 3 Iron Bars
Iron Sword 2 Iron Bars
Iron Armor 4 Iron Bars
Steel Pick 3 Steel Bars
Steel Sword 2 Steel Bars
Steel Armor 4 Steel Bars
Buckler 2 Wood, 1 Iron Ore
Kite Shield 2 Steel Bars
Minecart 5 Iron Bars
Rail 1 Iron Ore, 1 Wood
Crowbar 1 Iron Bar
Shovel 2 Wood, 1 Iron Bar

The Smelter Edit

The Smelter is where you create metals, which can be used for other crafting recipes and quests. The Smelter is built after completing the "Craft Smelter" quest from the Miner. The Smelter can only make metal bars when it has enough fuel to burn, which can be either Coal or Wood. Info about these items and their uses can be found in the Item List.

Name Required items
Iron Bar 2 Iron Ores
Steel Bar 1 Iron Bar, 2 Coal.
Gold Bar 2 Gold Ores

The Kitchen Edit

The Kitchen is where you can make food items to refill you Stamina and Health without saving at the hut or dying. All food in the Kitchen is made using other food items to make their effect stronger. Just like the Smelter, the kitchen needs fuel to run. Besides the Pie, Steak, Bread and Hamburger, all foods on the list can only be made once the kitchen is upgraded. The Kitchen is built once the "Build Kitchen" quest is completed and upgraded once the "Upgrade Kitchen" quest is complete. Both quests are received from the Builder. A description of these food items and what they do can be found on the Item List.

Name Required Items
Steak 1 Meat
Bread 2 Wheat
Hamburger 1 Meat, 2 Bread
Pie 1 Wheat, 2 Berries
Pancakes 1 Wheat, 1 Milk, 1 Eggs
Cheese 2 Milk
Pizza 2 Wheat, 1 Cheese
Omelette 2 Eggs, 1 Meat, 1 Cheese
Cheeseburger 1 Meat, 1 Bread, 1 Cheese or

1 Hamburger, 1 Cheese

Cake 2 Wheat, 1 Milk, 1 Eggs, 1 Sugar
Candy Apple 1 Sugar, 1 Apples

The Laboratory Edit

The Lab is where you can create potions, which are consumable items with unusual effects when compared to other consumables. The potions are made with basic food items, Iron Ore and Dragonblood. Some potions increase Stats permanently and have a limit of usage, while others boost stats temporarily and are seemingly infinite in usage. The Lab can be built by completing the quest "Magic Materials" given from the Alchemist. For a full description of these potions and their effects, refer to the Item List.

Name Required Items
Attack Potion 4 Red Berries
Defense Potion 2 Ice Berries
HP Potion 1 Dragonblood, 2 Red Berries
Stamina Potion 1 Dragonblood, 4 Berries
Speed Potion 1 Dragonblood, 2 Eggs
Endurance Potion 1 Dragonblood, 2 Meat
Ice Arrow 1 Arrow, 1 Yeti Fur, 1 Diamond
Ice Shield 1 Kite Shield, 1 Yeti Fur, 1 Diamond
Dragonblood Hp, Sta, Speed or End potion

The Dockhouse Edit

The Dockhouse is where you build the Boat and some of the materials that are necessary to build it. The Dockhouse can be built after finishing the Trader's "Built Dock" quests. For any uses these items may have besides the creation of the Boat, try looking at the Item List. Note that the Boat can only be crafted once.

Name Required Items
Boat 9 Wood, 9 Steel bars, 9 Cloth, 9 Nets
Cloth 4 Cotton
Net 2 Cloth
Fishing Rod 2 Wood, 1 Cotton

The Factory Edit

The Factory is found in Sunset Haven and can only be used when the power plant is running. Besides the items listed below, The Factory can be used to make any item available in The Smelter, The Dockhouse and The Workshop.

Name Required Items
Drill 1 Silicon, 3 Steel Bars
Chainsaw 2 Silicon, 4 Steel Bars, 2 Refined Oil
Great Armor 4 Titanium
Revolver 2 Steel Bars, 1 Wood
Shotgun 3 Steel Bars
Bullet x2 1 Sulfur, 1 Iron Ore
Shell 1 Sulfur, 2 Iron Ore
Landmine 3 Sulfur, 1 Steel Bar, 1 Silicon
Silicon 1 Quartz
Refined Oil 2 Raw Oil