List of all the caves and dungeons -

Name Information Location
Fire Cave The Fire Cave looks much different from the other caves. It has two floors. Fire Chickens are present on the first floor while Fire Boars are present on the second floor. There is also a chest containing Fire Tusks and a Fire Gem on the second floor. Starting Island
Yeti Cave The Yeti Cave contains four respawning Yetis and also several plants which drop Ice Berries. Starting Island
Halloween Cave The Halloween Cave contains a Fire Boar which does not respawn, and, if searched, unlocks Pumpkin seeds. There is also a floating ghost which cannot be interacted with, and some Jack'o'lanterns. Starting Island
Gold Golem Cave The Gold Golem Cave changes every time it is entered, and thus is an endless source of Coal, Iron, Quartz, Gold and Diamonds. There is also a chest containing Titanium x2 at the bottom left or right corner. The cave also contains numerous Gold Golems which drop Gold. Starting Island