There are quite a few villains here. Some enemies have elements, which come with special weaknesses and resistances.

Name + Icon Where do I find it Drops HP,Def DMG Speed Description
En rat


Surface First Island possibly underground 1 Meat (common)*

10 XP

1,0 0 Doesn't attack. Can be captured with a net. Don't need to weaken it with attacks.
En boar


Surface on first island 1 Meat* or

1 Milk (not often)

40 XP

4.0 2 May attack rats.


Turns into Pig when weakened then captured with a net.

En wyrm


Underground First Island, Magic Island (Dirt Level) 1 Dragonblood

240 XP

8,2 6 Eats dirt blocks. Can be captured when weakened in a net. Can move vertically.
En golem


Underground First Island (Inside Rock Blocks) or in golem cave 1 Diamond or

1 Iron Ore or

1 Gold Ore or

1 Titanium or

180 XP

123,2 40 Can't be captured in a net, with smash you with fists. Earth Type
Fire chicken

Fire Chicken

Layer of fire blocks above 2 big golems (open to cave) 1 Eggs

1 Meat*

48 XP

6,0 120 Shoots fireballs,,

Turns into a Chicken when captured with a net. Fire Type

Fire boar

Fire Boar

Halloween and Fire Cave

Surface, Magic Island

2 Fire Tusk

1 Meat*

48 XP

16,2 10 Only source of Fire tusks. Fire Type
Gold Golem Golem Cave 1 Gold Ore

48 XP

12,3 8 2 Faster than the normal golem with more defense. Earth Type
Diode Wolf

Diode Wolf

Desert, Sunset Haven, 1 Battery

1 Meat*

48 XP

30,3 20 2

Very fast, uses electric (typeless) attacks.

A Wolf is gained upon capturing

Cyborg Heavy Gun

Cyborg Heavy Gun

Desert, Sunset Haven, 3 Bullets

48 XP

30,3 7 High fire rate


Desert, Sunset Haven, Underground (Mining Sand Blocks) 1 Battery or

1 Refined Oil or

1 Titanium or

1 Uranium or


48 XP

10,3 10/8 3 Moves very fast, can shoot ranged attacks
Steel Wyrm

Mecha Wyrm

Desert Underground (Stone Level) 1 Uranium

50 XP

20,4 18/8 Can shoot ranged attacks
Bandit Combo

Combo Bandit

Sunset Haven 1 Steel Sword 25,2 5+7 Uses a knockback double combo
Bandit Heavy

Heavy Bandit

Sunset Haven 1 Kite Shield 16,2 7 Blocks any damage from the front with shield
Bandit Knives

Knife Bandit

Sunset Haven 1 Diamond 10,2 7 3 Throws knives at player and can do a quick dash melee attack
Bandit Ranged

Ranged Bandit

Sunset Haven 2 Gold Bar 16,2 10 1.5 Shoots arrows
Purple Tree (be warned, they attack) Magic Island, surface 3-5 Wood

1 Focus Gem or

1 Dragonblood (rare)

30,2 15 (range 2) 0.002 Attacks if player is close. Plant Type


Magic island, underground, (Dirt Level) 3 Dragonblood 25,0 7 3? Drains your health (1). Attacks twice.
Magic Wyrm

Magic Wyrm

Magic Island, Underground, (Stone Level) 1 Alter Gem 40,2 20 2 Eats stone. Has a spin attack.
Amethist golem

Amethyst Golem

Magic Island, underground, (Stone Level) 1 Focus Gem or

1 Alter Gem or

1 Blood Gem or

1 Spirit Gem (rare and only drop)

12,3 12 2 Very commonly found due to spiky wyrms tunneling. Earth Type


Starting Island (Night)

1 Silk

8,0 3 2 Paralyzes you with every attack.
Shadow Cat

Shadow Cat

Starting Island (Night) 1 Shadow Fur

1 Meat*

16,0 5x2 2

Fast and can turn invisible. Can be detected with Spirit Goggles.

A Cat is gained upon capturing



Magic Island, Surface (Night) 1 Plant Eye 40,2 7 (range 2) 1 Plant Type


Minotaur Cave 3 Meat*

2 Horn

50,2 ? 2

Charges single sideways path, has knockback

A Cow is gained upon capturing



Ice Cave 1 Ice Heart 30,2 12 3 Freezes player.

Ice Type



Between Starting and Magic Island and Submarine Maze

1 Helium Sac

40,0 ? 0 Shoots black shots water type

Explodes when run into. Water Type




1 Pearl

10,5 - 0 Water Type
Screenshot 2018-12-03 at 09.42.30



1 Fin

30,3 - 2 Water Type
never underwater electrify player

*Steak is obtained instead of Meat when the enemy is killed with fire.

Notes Edit

  • Overworld enemies give 1 exp per hit while underground enemies give 3 exp per hit, and Fire Chickens and Gold Golems give 4 exp per hit.
  • An enemy's defense and current health can be viewed in-game if a Cyborg Eye or Space Helm is equipped.