There are various enemies in the game.

Name, Icon Spawning area Drops Health Damage Armour EXP drop
En rat


On the surface Meat (Common) 1 0 0 1 Doesn't attack. Can be captured with a net.
En boar


On the surface -Meat

-Milk (Rare)

4 2 0 4 May attack rats. Turns into Pig when captured with a net.
En wyrm


Below surface, around Dirt Blocks Dragonblood 8 6 2 24 Eats dirt blocks, can be captured in a net. Can move vertically.
En golem


Below surface, inside Rock Blocks -Diamond

-Iron Ore

-Gold Ore

-Titanium (Rare)

12 4 1 18 Can't be captured in a net.
Fire Chicken Under the mountain and fire cave. Eggs 12 60 0 48 Shoots fireballs, medium ranged attack. Turns into Chicken when captured with a net.
Fire boar In the halloween and fire cave. Fire Tusk 16 10 2 48 Only source of Fire tusks.
Gold Golem In the mine cave. Gold Ore 12 8 3 48 Faster than the normal golem.
Electric boar In the desert. Battery 30 20 3 48 very fast uses electric/fire attacks?
Cyborg gunner In the desert. (uncommon) -Bullet x3


30 7 3 48 high fire rate
Robo-scorpion Desert underground (from mining sand blocks) -Refined oil



10 Melee: 10 Ranged: 8 3 48 Moves very fast, can shoot ranged attacks at you
Spiky-wyrm Desert underground. Uranium 20 Melee: 18 Ranged: 8 3 50 Can shoot ranged attacks at you
Sword Combo bandit Sunset Haven Steel Sword 25 5 + 7 2 ? Uses a sick combo and knocks you back
Shield Bandit Sunset Haven Kite Shield 16 7 2 ? Blocks any damage from the front with shield
Knife Bandit Sunset Haven Diamond 8 Melee:

7 Ranged: 7

2 ? Throws knives at player and can do a quick dash melee attack
Crossbow Bandit Sunset Haven Gold Ingot x2 16 10 2 ? Shoots arrows

Overworld enemies give 1 exp per hit while undergound enemies give 3 exp per hit, and the Fire Chicken and Gold Golem give 4 exp per hit.