The following is a list of familiars in Aground.
Image Name How to Obtain Sell Cost Damage Feed Weight Notes
Chicken Trapping Fire Chickens or buying from market 70 100 N/A 800 2 Lays eggs
Rat Trapping 28 40 N/A N/A 1 Can't fight
Wyrm Trapping 210 300 2 1000 4  Mining speed +1
Baby Dragon Feeding Wyrms in the Wyrm Pen 280 N/A 3 2000 4 Breathes fire
Juvenile Dragon Feeding Baby Dragons 420 3 4000 20 Breathes fire

Range: 7

Adult Dragon Complete quest / Catching a diode wolf 4 8000 60

Breathes fire, wears out quickly

Range: 13

Tame Wolf Complete quest 70 3 2000 2 Attacks enemies. Can be upgraded into Diode Wolf
Peri (Cat) Complete Fisherman's quest at Sunset Haven/Trapping a Shadow Cat 70 2 2000 2 Expands sight by 2 tiles
Cockatiel shady man at night (sunset haven) N/A Picks up items on the ground
Diode Wolf Found in one of the Ship's Caves on Sunset Island/ Making it at the Mirrows operation table 4 500 5 Feeds by consuming electricity from the Player's batteries. Produces 1-3 Sulfur when in a pen.
Golem Craft inside Robot Golem Cave 4 8000 20 Must defeat the Golemmech inside the cave to craft.
Electric Eel Fish inside the cave with the lake on Sunset Haven - - 2 Lights surroundings when equiped and gives +2/sec energy
Owl shady man at night (sunset haven) 3 Occasionally swoops and attacks