This page describes all quests in Aground. Quests are given by NPCs and sometimes your character. A list of quests you have received can be accessed by pressing Q. When a quest is available or complete, an exclamation mark will be displayed above the NPC.

List of Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Given By Reward Notes
Build Hut 8 Wood Self Hut You can rest in the hut for a stamina refill
Build Storehouse 8 Wood, 4 Berries Builder (if saved) Storehouse The builder will give you a stone axe.
Craft Smelter 15 Coal Miner Smelter The miner will give you a stone pick.
Build Farm 15 Wood Farmer Farm, 2 Bread The farm grows food
Hunting Boars Bow, Defeat 5 Boars Hunter Backpack The hunter will give you a workbench.
Magic Materials 1 Dragonblood Alchemist Lab The lab is used to craft potions
Apple Seeds 4 Apples Farmer Orchards Orchards grow apples in the farm
Build Kitchen 10 Wood, 10 Coal Builder Kitchen You can cook better food in the kitchen
Perimeter 6 Fences Hunter Exp The Hunter will place one fence near the farm
Craft Workshop 5 Wood, 5 Iron Bars Miner Workshop You can craft stronger gear in the workshop
Upgrade Kitchen 5 Wood, 5 Steel Bars Builder Upgraded Kitchen The upgraded kitchen has more recipes
Wyrm Pen 2 Wyrms Alchemist Wyrm Pen The wyrm pen farms dragonblood
Hatch Dragons 5 Baby dragons Alchemist/Dragon Adult Dragon You won't get this quest if you killed the dragon
Thunder Axe 1 Rusty Axe, 1 Fire Tusk Alchemist Thunder Axe Recipe You get the fire tusks by killing the fire boars
Animal Pen 2 Pigs Farmer Animal Pen The pen farms multiple animal items
Wolf 3 Nets, 3 Traps, 6 Meat Hunter Tame Wolf The tame wolf does 3 damage
Market 5 Gold Bars Trader (If not sent away) Market, Coin Purse The market is used for trading goods
Dock 20 Wood, 10 Steel Bars Trader (If not sent away) Dock House The dock house can craft a number of things
Boat 9 Wood, 9 Steel Bars, 9 Cloth, 9 Nets Trader (If not sent away) Boat The boat is used to travel to Sunset Haven
Lost Cat Peri (Toothfish) Fisherman Peri The cat does 2 damage with a continuous attack animation
Repair the Power Plant 2 Titanium Mechanic Power Plant Titanium can be found in treasure chests in the dirt in Sunset Haven
Factory 15 Coal, 10 Sulfur, 4 Quartz Mechanic Factory You need to have a battery in your inventory for the mechanic to give you this quest
Elevator 2 Silicon, 2 Titanium, 10 Steel Bars, 1 Chest Mechanic Elevator You need to have made the drill and drill some stone in Sunset Haven for the mechanic to give you this quest
Bandits Kill One of Each Bandit Type Sunset Haven Merchants 1 Refined Oil, 1 Shotgun, 1 Cow You have to repair the power plant and talk to any merchant in Sunset Haven to get this quest
Mirrows Confront the Mirrows Innkeeper ?????? This quest cannot be completed yet