The spirits are a new enemy, added in the 1.2 update for aground. They are seen while wearing red goggles and are unattackable for the player on current updates. They can be caught using spirit gems.

Name Location(s) Gem Made From Capturing Spirits In Gem Attack Damage with what to kill
Fire spirit

Fire spirit

Underground below the Wyrm Den. Also can be found in the Fire Cave on Starting Island. Fire Gem Very fast attacks by zooming at the player 15

resists fire by 1-5

Water spirit

Water spirit

In the Forbidden Forest during the day. (past the fence) Water Gem Slow moving, attacks medium/slowly
Earth Spirit
Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 18.47.17
On the Starting Island above ground. Earth Gem Attacks very slowly in a melee range,also very slow 19
Ice Spirit (requires flying to get to) Above the Eastern Island. On floating island with the cave. Ice Gem Attacks very quickly in a melee range
Plant Spirit In the Forbidden Forest during the night. (past the fence) Plant Gem Medium ranged attack and attacks very slowly