Here all structures will be listed. Such as The Kitchen, The Storehouse, The Power Plant, etc. Also structures like the robots.

  • kitchen: crafting food, can be upgraded to craft more food
  • storehouse: created by the builder or player
  • golemech robot guards: open up when given an earth gem allowing access to golemech cave
  • power plant: allows crafting of batteries and to charge them
  • hut: allows stamina restore when slept in and increases in game time by 12 hours*
  • magic hut: same as the hut but on magic island
  • synthesizer: synthesizes meat and bread using focus gems like coal, can also make diamonds and pancakes**
  • enchanter: used to create the recipes shown on magical pillars***

*rough estimation

**require items, unlike meat and bread

***not all recipes are shown on magical pillars, for more information go to this page: Crafting