Sunset Haven is the second island in Aground.

Sunset Haven is the second island available in Aground. It's reached by building a boat at the dock on the first island and sailing west.


Unlike the Starting Island, Sunset Haven has an established settlement. The Settlements consists of:

Name Use Notes
Dock Access to your Boat.


Resting in your boat provides partial (33%) stamina restoration and saves game.

Controls distribution of supplies to and from warehouse.

Warehouse Supply storage Allows immediate access while crafting or selling.
Power Station Battery creation.

Battery charging.

Inn Resting Provides full health and stamina recharge and saves game.

Costs 50 coins.

Shops Trade

After completing quests it also includes:

Name Use Notes
Cargo Elevator Storage Allows storage while underground.

On Surface, supplies can be transferred directly to and from Warehouse.

Factory Item creation

In addition to providing quests The Mechanic also repairs items.

The Forest:

Icon Plant HP Exp Drops
Tree 5 5 3-5 wood


Egg (rare)

Sprout NA NA
Sapling 2 2 Wood
Red Berry Bush NA 1 1-2 Red Berries


Enemy Health Damage Armor Exp Drops Notes
Crossbow Bandit 16 10 2 Gold Bar X2 Shoots arrows
Knife Bandit 8 7 Ranged

7 Melee

2 Diamond Thows knives and can do quick dash melee attack
Shield Bandit 16 7 2 Shield Attacks from front will be blocked
Sword Combo Bandit 25 5+7 2 Steel Sword Performs 2 hit combo attack that can knock you back


The underground consists of various ores scattered at random intervals. The soul is harder than on Starting Island and requires an iron or steel pick to cut through. There are no enemies but enemies may enter through tunnels from the Desert.

Icon Name Minimum Depth Maximum Depth Exp Drops Notes
Dirt NA Requires Steel or iron Pick
Stone NA Requires Drill
Coal Coal
Crystal Quartz
Gold Gold
Iron Iron
Sulfur Sulfur
Sand NA NA Cannot be mined
Bedrock NA NA Cannot be mined


There are chests placed randomly in the underground

Icon Contents
Titanium x 2
Steel Bar x 3

At the far edge of the forest is a mountain of stone that requires a drill to mine. Beyond the mountain is the Desert. Enemies are much more difficult here and good equipment and supplies are recommended.


Enemy Health Damage Armor Drops Exp Notes
Diode Wolf 30 20 3 1x Battery

1x Steak

48 Very Fast

Uses electrical (typeless) attacks

Cyborg Gunner 30 7 3 3x bullets (uncommon)

1x battery

48 Damage is calculated per bullet but has a very high rate of fire.
Mecha-Wyrm 1x Uranium
Robo-Scorpion 1x refined oil

1x battery


Icon Name Minimum Depth Maximum Depth Exp Drops Notes
Sand May spawn Robo-Scorpian
Oil Oil Can be turned into refined oil at Factory
Titanium Titanium


Enemies may be encountered anywhere within the tunnel. May find mecha-wyrm nests including 2 wyrms and many exposed ores.

Icon Enemy Health Damage Armor Drops Exp Notes
Mecha-wyrm 20 Melee 18

Ranged 8

3 Uranium 50 Can shoot a ranged attack in addition to melee bite attack
Robo-Scorpian 10 Melee 10

Ranged 8

3 Refined Oil


48 Very fast

Half buried in the desert is the Mirrows space ship. The entrance is found via the hatch near a red blinking dot. Currently accessing the ship ends the game after a brief cutscene.