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This page lists updates to Aground, in chronological order. The changelogs are taken from the official subreddit.

Update 1.0.3 Edit

The first update is live!

It contains a lot of improvements to the existing content of the first island, and includes a few new items. The full changelog is as follows:

  • Added auto-consume for health restoring items before death.
  • Changed surface structures to be accessible with UP key.
  • Added a workbench item for crafting of some items anywhere - and made it available before steel items.
  • Added a chest item that can be placed anywhere and operated like a storehouse.
  • Allowed quests and crafting to take items from storehouse as well as your inventory.
  • Added a few Halloween-special items/graphics.
  • Added a French fan translation (set in options -> language).
  • Added a notification when NPCs add items to your storehouse.
  • Set escape key to unequip item quickly (if equipped).
  • Increased wyrm spawning rate a tad.
  • Increased wyrm and golem health.
  • Changed feed window to show what they eat. Changed wyrm food from steak to live pigs.
  • Added overall mute button (M).
  • Allow players to remove farm upgrades.
  • Allowed changing direction without moving a tile.
  • A bunch of other minor updates/tweaks and bugfixes.


Update 1.0.4 Edit

We released another update for Aground! This one mainly focuses on improving the farm and pen systems, but has a bunch of other improvements and fixes.

The full changelog is as follows:

  • The pig pen is now like the wyrm pen, you can manage the animals and you even now have a cow and chicken option for better milk and egg production. Pigs still produce milk and eggs, though, as it's simpler that way, and if you need a better reason: Wollmilchsau.
  • The farm has also been improved for managing crops and additional fields. It also now groups all farm items by type, so you don't have tons of entries of the same farm item. I also added a harvest all option.
  • Added cotton (for cloth), sugar and pumpkin crops. Pumpkin crops you'll only get if you saved around halloween and the Farmer gave the jack o' lanterns to you. Change your system clock to halloween to get them in future saves, and they can be carved into jack o' lanterns.
  • Spanish, German and Russian fan translations added.
  • Sign posts were added, so you can add messages and label tunnels.
  • You can now get the market after building the dock if you turn the thief away.
  • A BIGGER backpack was added to the market after getting the boat.
  • You can now turn potions back into dragonblood, and it wont let you drink more than the maximum.
  • XP added to crafting, smelting, cooking and capturing enemies.
  • Some treasure chests are buried underground if you start a new game.
  • A bunch of improvements and bug fixes.

The next update will include a bunch more improvements and features (like fishing, familiar/pet system, building placement and a day/night cycle), finishing up the improvements we wanted to make for the starting island. We'll begin work on additional content (quests/dungeons/bosses for the starting island, and future islands) after that update!

I hope you enjoy!

Update 1.0.5 Edit

I had hoped to get fishing into the Previous Update, and as that didn't happen and there were some minor changes/bug-fixes I wanted to post, I decided to do a minor update. 1.0.5 includes fishing, fertilizer (increases the speed of crop growth), 4 hotkeys, sticky items (they don't move into your storehouse when you hit move all) and a bunch of more minor improvements.

I still plan to post a bigger update with the pet/dragon system and day/night cycle next week!

I hope you enjoy!

Update 1.0.6 Edit

1.0.6 is another mini-update like the Previous Update leading up to a bigger update that we hope to release next week. This update includes per-pixel movement (you can now stop between tiles) and a bunch of improvements to combat. Already, there is now weapon range (thanks to the per pixel movement) and some cool tricks you can do with that, and weapon attack speed could also become a factor in the future. I also changed how equipment works so it doesn't confuse people, and added a dedicated attack key (set to C for now, but you can change it in the controls if you like). As always, there were a bunch of other minor improvements and bugfixes, and potions now have an effect over time instead of per hit.

This makes the gameplay a lot smoother, and is a big step towards the next update which will include new content and bosses (which will be bigger than a single tile, making the per pixel movement more valuable).

I hope you enjoy, and are looking forward to the next update!

Update 1.0.7 Edit

It's finally here! Update 1.0.7 is the first semi-major content update to Aground, and while it's a little late, I hope it was worth the wait!

The big new feature here is the Mountain, which will appear now on the right side of the island. It's all stone, so you won't be able to enter it with starting equipment, and it's a good thing too, because there are much tougher enemies and new loot here.

Note, it may take a few hours for the update to appear, but Shift+Refresh to do a hard reload of the page often helps.

The quests have not been updated yet, so exploring the mountain is just for fun for now (and to have more to mine), but it's eventually going to expand the storyline with the Alchemist and the history of the island. And there will be something special deep in the mountain eventually - those ranged enemies guarding that space aren't there for nothing!

The Fire Gem is intentionally unusable, un-trashable and un-sellable. This is so you don't get rid of it, as it'll be very important in the next update. While it'll take some time to get all the quest changes and new features in, I'm really excited about where this is going!

Of course, there were other improvements and bugfixes (including that annoying invincible wyrm bug that took forever to find), but they weren't too major.

The next major update will focus on raising your baby dragons into ones as large as the boss in the mountain - and yes, you'll be able to fly on it off to new islands (although, when I first add this update, it will just show an animation and roll credits like sailing). Going off left for science and right for magic is definitely a thing we're going to continue with in this game. I might include a smaller update before that with general improvements and bugfixes.

I hope you enjoy!

Update 1.0.8 Edit

This is another small-ish update that's setting up systems that will be needed for the next major update. The main changes are the equipment system/window, item durability, and shields. Shields don't have infinite durability, and you can't attack or mine while they are held, but they block all damage until they run out of durability (excluding critical hits). It adds a lot of new interesting combat options versus all enemies.

The full changelog is as follows:

  • The Equipment Window including characters stats (and revising how equipment works)
  • Items can now have durability and be destroyed. Repairing them will come later :P.
  • Shields!
  • You can sell items from your storehouse directly in the market.
  • You can specify how many items you want to craft at once.
  • Alchemist now adds dragonblood from the wyrm pen to the storehouse periodically.
  • Coin limit shown on coin purse, and you can't sell items when you've hit it.
  • No more instant-collection of animals from pens.
  • Tweaked dragon, yeti and fire chicken enemies.
  • Other minor tweaks/improvements/bugfixes.

The equipment system was needed for the pets/familiars, so you have a way to select who you want following you. That'll be the next update unless there are high priority bugs that need fixing, along with growing (and flying on) your dragon!

I hope you enjoy!

Update 1.0.9 Edit

You can now raise your baby dragons and have them follow you around, grow, burn things, and eventually even fly off on them! This update focuses on the familiar system, and you may notice a few other familiars you can have follow you other than the dragons (with various effects).

The full changelog is as follows:

  • You can now have familiars! Use the equipment window to set them, and don't forget to feed them on occasion or they won't be able to attack.
  • New quests involving dragons and them growing bigger.
  • You can now fly off to the right (towards the magic islands), but it just goes to credits with an animation for now.
  • Other minor tweaks/improvements/bugfixes.

I also set up a Newsletter for Aground if you want to subscribe and get future update notifications via e-mail.

I hope you enjoy!

Update 1.0.10 Edit

Explore dangerous caves, find new secrets, and meet a mysterious new NPC in this update!

The full changelog is as follows:

  • Added caves and dungeons to the map.
  • Added 1 new enemy type.
  • Added 1 new NPC and quests for him.
  • Added enchanted axe quest.
  • Added underground music track.
  • Added enemy health bars.
  • Added burn flame effect.
  • You can now rename familiars.
  • Improved mod support.
  • Miner gets coal automatically if there is no coal left.
  • Added feed amount to feed info window so you know the effectiveness of different foods.
  • Fixed memory leak - may improve performance.
  • Stopped page from scrolling in HTML5 when using mouse wheel on a scroll window in game.
  • Various bugfixes and improvements/balance changes.

There will be one more major update including new islands (and perhaps a few minor updates) for the free version of the game. After that, we are now planning to run a Kickstarter at the end of this month and fund development for an Early Access version of the game - we hope you'll support us when it is live!

If you haven't yet, also sign up to our Newsletter to get update notifications via e-mail!

I hope you enjoy!

Update 1.0.11 Edit

Here's a minor update to tide you over until the big 1.1.0 update! The cloud saves are finally in!

The full changelog is as follows:

  • Cloud Saves - Login to Aground Cloud and all your saves and settings will be automatically synced across browsers, websites, and even with the exe version of the game. No more losing saves because of clearing your browser history!
  • Developer Console - This is mainly for developers and modders to view details and run scripts in game, but it also comes with a built in debugger that will show an error should the game crash and allow you to send that error directly to me for faster debugging. Can be opened with Ctrl+Shift+D, and special commands are: clear (clears the console), watch variable (shows that variable wherever you are), unwatch variable removes from watch list, and debug [hide] to display debug info and watch variables.
  • Added chinese fan translation - this required some improved font support in game.
  • Fullscreen HTML5 - You can now go fullscreen in the HTML5 version (depending on the browser)!
  • Other minor adjustments and bugfixes (including the dragon fight crash).

In other news, we're preparing for our Kickstarter, which you can read about (and other plans) here: . This will probably be the last update until we launch the Kickstarter on January 31st - which will include at least one of the next islands!

I hope you enjoy!

Update 1.1.0 Edit

This is quite the major update - we're so excited to share it with you! We’ve added a entire new island with over two hours of additional content, launched the Kickstarter campaign for the early access version, and made a new trailer!

Unlike on the starting island, you will be an outsider in this new town, and you’ll get a lot less help and supplies for free. Make sure to stock up on food before you sail away from home, or you might find yourself having to buy from the market extravagantly just to have enough food to eat!

Aground 1.1.0 Gifs!

The full changelog is as follows:

  • Sail to a new Island! Includes the sailboat functionality, and many new structures, items, NPCs, quests and enemies! I won’t spoil much, but the majority of the changes to the game are on this island.
  • Power System. Along with the new island, there is a new gameplay mechanic - power. Keep your batteries charged if you want to use the new power tools!
  • Improved Fishing! The Fisherman NPC will now explain how to fish, and the system will be a little more challenging for fish that are tough for your fishing rod level.
  • Boss Music track! Chase added a new music track that will play during the dragon fight… and also at one other point in this version!
  • Various other bugfixes and improvements.

We still plan to add the first magic island to the east, but this update is getting close to the end of the planned content for the free version. After that, we’ll be working hard on new content for the early access version!

I hope you’ll check out the Kickstarter and share or back it! We really need your help to take this game as far as we can!

Enjoy, and as always, let us know if you have any feedback!

Update 1.1.1 Edit

This is a minor update with some fixes, improvements and Minecarts added.

The full changelog is as follows:

  • Minecarts You can now craft minecarts and rails (even on island one) and place them. Minecarts are like mobile chests, they let you move large amounts of ore horizontally without needing power as long as you have rails placed. They also work great in combination with the elevator. You are unable to remove rails once placed (that would be a LOT of "Collect Rail" tooltips), so keep that in mind.
  • Rest in Boat You can now save in your boat. It won't restore health or stamina, but at least you can save and take a break. I also lowered the Inn cost to 50 coins.
  • Boat Inventory Management You can now choose to take items from the boat into your inventory or straight into the warehouse like before. This is less confusing, and gives a lot more flexibility transferring items quickly. The elevator can also transfer to warehouse if it's at the surface now.
  • Cloud Saves will now ask you which save you want to choose if the newer save has less playtime than the older save. You can close this window, and it will ask again next time (giving you time to export the save if you want to keep both). I also added a manual Sync * Save option on the title page if your saves are out of date.
  • Treasure chests can be used as well as normal chests when crafting the elevator.

You can now set hotkeys and sticky items when transferring items (not just in the inventory).

  • Entrance to Mirrows is more obvious.
  • Various other bugfixes and improvements.

We're almost 30% funded on Kickstarter, and I hope you'll check it out if you haven't yet!

Enjoy, and as always, let us know if you have any feedback!

Update 1.1.2 Edit

Another small-ish update before I move on to the Magic Island major update, but this one has some cool new items and features!

The full changelog is as follows:

  • New Items Added Land Mines (powerful traps), Great Armor (higher defense), Map (buy in the Sunset Haven market, it'll show you your surroundings), Shovel (fills the tile below you to remove holes) and the Crowbar (pries up minecart rails).
  • NPC Auto-Collection NPCs will now collect items for you even when you are away from the starting island (slower than normal, but they don't stop). Enemies will also spawn in locations when you're away.
  • Added Town and Desert BG The science island town now looks a little less like a ghost town.
  • Improved Smelter UI Smelter items are now grouped, and it looks a lot cleaner for smelting (or cooking) tons of items at once.
  • You can now use an Adult Dragon to power the power plant once it's repaired. It looks cool, and can turn Steaks into power!
  • You now get a 33% stamina restore when resting in the boat, and you need 400 rations to make the first trip to the science island (enough for a round trip of sailing). This will keep players from getting stuck on the science island before they find the titanium. I also made titanium (and iron) a little more common, so that first quest isn't too difficult if you go unprepared.
  • A bunch of minor improvements, like changing enemy speed to make melee combat more feasible, minecart rails were made cheaper and batteries draining one at a time.
  • Fixed some bugs, including the looping sound bug (drill, elevator).

The Kickstarter just reached 50% funded! Keep sharing the project, and I have some good stretch goals planned if we reach 100% funded early!

Enjoy, and as always, let us know if you have any feedback!